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Number Doggo Cake

Number Doggo Cake

As this is a personalised item made to order, this item has a 3 day lead time.


Our signature peanut butter and banana cake, iced with a deeeeelicious cream cheese and honey 'frosting'. Comes with a personalised topper. 


Available for local collection only.


Harley & Me cakes are made fresh and decorated with 100% natural ingredients.

As they contain no added sugars or salt and are free from wheat, preservatives, colourings and artificial flavours, please keep your cake covered and refrigerated to prolong freshness.


Ideally, please consume the cake within 2-3 days. 

Please remove all non-edible items before allowing your doggo to hook into their cake.


How much cake should you feed your dog?

Even though our doggo cakes are all natural, they are still a treat and it's something your doggo isn't used to eating.

Please feed them small portions and in moderation - never a whole cake in one sitting.

Colour Required