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Original Pack

Original Pack

One packet of 12 deeeeelicious cookies!



2 x Harley's Signature Treats

2 x Sweet Strawberry Sensations

2 x Bomb Blueberry Bites

2 x Choice Carrot Crunchies

2 x Awesome Apple Appetisers

2 x Mighty Minty Morsels


As our treats are made without preservatives and most are decorated with carob or yoghurt, please keep them in the fridge for maximum awesomeness!

They will last for 6-8 weeks in the fridge or up to 3 months in the freezer (if you can keep your doggo away from them!).


Although we make our treats with human-grade ingredients, they are not intended for humans. Please only feed them to your doggo as a treat.


How many treats should you feed your doggo?

Please feed them in small portions, in moderation and under supervision. Our products should not be served as a meal replacement.

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